Key Benefits - IMAGEhost

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Image Retrieval System

Benefits include:

  • Flexibility. No need to leave your workstation, home or remote location.
  • Cost-savings. IMAGEhost can eliminate expensive IT and hardware costs, saves wear and tear on the original medium and can be fitted with pay-per-use capabilities.
  • Ease of Use. Intuitive interface with simple operational, editing and saving commands.
  • Fast Speed. Viewers browse through materials in the original roll or sheet format and not individual image files, for faster loading and viewing.
  • Microfilm and Microfiche Retrieval. IMAGEhost has been designed to access microfilm and microfiche files scanned by the Crowley Imaging service bureau or by owners of Mekel Technology MACH-Series or Wicks and Wilson 8800-Series production scanners. Additional options for aperture card and photographic negatives will be available in future releases.
  • Multi-form Retrieval. Access images from multiple devices, including traditional PC’s, laptops, notebooks, tablets and smartphones.
  • Flexible Output Options. Selected images can be saved to hard drive, USB, CD/DVD, printed or output to email and the internet/cloud programs.
  • Multiple Storage Options. Original images can be stored and accessed from an on-site client server or a hosted cloud server.
  • Searchable Text (OCR) and Annotation Output. Finding and indexing images is a quick and efficient process.
  • File Security. Cloud-based services protect the confidentiality and integrity of original files through continuously validated multi-layer/redundant storage locations and data encryption.